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Gadomer 17

Gadomer 17 is a polylysine dendrimer with 24 Gd-DOTA complexes. It has been optimised for DCE MRI applications and several publications proved its high value for tumor characterization and therapy monitoring. Particularly in rodents due to its intermediate molecular weight, high hydrophilicity and slow but still significant extravasation it is favourably suited for DCE MRI scans that will by post-processed with two or multi-compartment models.


Molecular weight  17000 g/mol
Standard imaging dose  100 µmol/kg b.w.
Sterile solution for injection  18.2 mg/ml
100 µl per 25 g b.w. (mice) is equivalent to a dose of 100 µmol/kg b.w.
Calciumbutrol (excess chelator)
NaCl, Trometanol, water for injection
Osmolarity  isoosmolar
pH  7.2–7.6
Stability  up to two years
store below 25°C
Not for human use. Not for veterinary use. For research purposes only.