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Gadofluorine P

Gadofluorine P is a daughter product of Gadofluorine M with significantly improved tolerability.
It is an amphiphilic small molecular weight MRI contrast agent with high protein binding affinity that forms micelles in aqueous solution. It is marked by a long blood half life, retention in the interstitial space and uptake by the reticuloendothelial system.


Molecular weight  1322.17 g/mol
Standard imaging dose  100 µmol/kg b.w.
Sterile solution for injection  33.1 mg/ml
100 µl per 25 g b.w. (mice) is equivalent to a dose of 100 µmol/kg b.w.
CaNa₃ DTPA (excess chelator)
NaCl, Trometanol, water for injection
Osmolarity  isoosmolar
pH  7.2–7.6
Stability  up to two years
store below 25°C
Not for human use. Not for veterinary use. For research purposes only.